B.Tech-Information Technology
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The Web has changed the way the world looks at information. The expanding role of IT in business, science, government, social structures and personal lives is obvious in the current generation. As an academic discipline, IT focuses on meeting the needs of users within organizational and computing technologies.



The B. Tech. program provides graduates with the skills and knowledge for appropriate professional positions and helps them reach upto leadership positions or pursue graduate studies and research in the ¬field. The program is designed so that the students develops a practical understanding of programming languages, web technologies, networking technologies, information management and cybernetics. The courses on virtualization and cloud computing enable the students to keep abreast of the latest technologies and tools used in the IT industry.


Students get to work in many top notch IT companies like IBM, TCS, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP Labs, Wipro, HCL, Capital IQ and Payoda through campus recruitment. The trend of a sizeable number of graduates travelling to USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Singapore for MS programs is increasing.