Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty
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Name Designation Area of Interest
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Agarwal Professor & Head Energy Conservation
Mr. Freedon Daniel Assistant Professor (Sr. G) Heat treatment of Cr-Mo steel weldments
Dr. Atul Kumar Associate Professor (O.G.) Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototype and Static Analysis
Dr. Renjith Singh Associate Professor (O.G.) Phase change heat transfer in thermosyphons and heat pipes for cooling applications.
Dr. Vinay Panwar Assistant Professor (O.G.) Polymer composites, Nanomaterials, Molecular dynamic simulation
Dr. Chandan Pandey Assistant Professor (O.G.) Welding, Heat treatment, Material Characterization
Dr. Amit Goyal Assistant Professor (O.G.) Friction Stir Welding, Multi-objective optimization, Matrix Composites
Dr. Vikas Goyat Assistant Professor (O.G.) Functionally Graded Materials, FEM, XFEM, Fracture Mechanics
Mr. Atishey Mittal Assistant Professor (O.G.) Production, Welding. Green Manufacturing
Mr. Neeraj Kumar Gahlot Assistant Professor (O.G.) Computational Fluid Dynamics, Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction, High Speed Flow, Aerodynamics
Mr. Shivam Goyal Assistant Professor (O.G.) Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Production and Consumption
Mr. Gyanendra Prashad Bagri Assistant Professor (O.G.) Supply Chain Management
Mr. Ashish Kumar Assistant Professor (O.G.) Solar Dryer, Solar Pump, Heat Transfer
Mr. Sourabh Raghuwanshi Assistant Professor (O.G.) Solid Mechanics, Design, Experimental Stress Analysis, Fracture Mechanics, Numerical Methods
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Assistant Professor (O.G.) Production, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management
Mr. Dadhish Kumar Assistant Professor (O.G.) Computational fluid dynamics
Mr. Ritesh Kumar Chaurasiya Assistant Professor (O.G.) Energy Analysis, Refrigeration using waste Energy, Heat Transfer
Mr. Dhanesh Kumar Assistant Professor (O.G.) Fracture Mechanics, Solar Refrigeration
Mr. Mahesh Gupta Assistant Professor (O.G.) Characterization of Aluminum Alloys, Automation Technology Applications.
Mr. Shahnawaz Alam Assistant Professor (O.G.) Machine Design, Mechanical Vibration and Welding
Mr. Ravi Kumar D Assistant Professor (O.G.) Composite Materials, Supply chain management, Optimization Techniques
Mr. Sachin Sirohi Assistant Professor (O.G.) Welding, Heat Treatment, Material Characterization
Mr. Ankush Dhadwalia Assistant Professor (O.G.) Fluid Mechanics, Automotive Engineering
Mrs. Garima Dixit Assistant Professor (O.G.) Surface Properties enhancement of metal and alloys, Kinetics of diffusion, Synthesis of alloys