Department of Electronics & Communication Faculty
 /  Department of Electronics & Communication Faculty
Name of the Faculty Designation Area of Interest
Dr.Devendra Kumar Sharma Professor & Dean-SRM IST, Delhi NCR Campus VLSI interconnects, Electronic Circuits, Digital Design, Testing, Signal Processing
Dr. Pankaj Singh Head & Assistant Professor (S.G) Digital Circuits, Reliability Modeling
Dr. Vinod Chaudhary Associate Professor Semiconductor devices, OFET, Sensors, Thin film Transistors
Dr. Satya Sai Srikant Associate Professor Microwave Integrated Circuits; Antenna; Multilayered Planar Transmission Lines; Microwave Heating
Dr. Prashant Mani Associate Professor Semiconductor Device Modelling; Characterization of Nano Scale Devices; Multi Dimensional Device Analysis
Mrs. Rupali Singh Assistant Professor (Sr.G) Reversible Logic Circuits using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata
Mr. Abhishek Singhal Assistant Professor (Sr. G.) Signal Processing, Speech/ Voice Reorganization, Semiconductor Device Modeling
Mr. Mohd. Suhaib Abbasi Assistant Professor(OG) Sensors, FINFET
Mr. Pankaj Agrawal Assistant Professor(OG) Antenna, Analog Circuits
Mr. Devasis Haldar Assistant Professor(OG) Optoelectronics, Optical Communication, Electronics and communication
Mr. Aditya Agarwal Assistant Professor(OG) VLSI Design -Surrounding Gate MOSFET, Cryptography –Data Security
Mr. Vipin Kumar Yadav Assistant Professor(OG) Different communication protocol used in embedded systems
Mrs. Minakshi Sanadhya Assistant Professor(OG) Design And Optimization Of Combinational And Sequential Circuit Using Adiabatic Technique
Mr. Anurag Singh Assistant Professor(OG) Wireless Communications, Antenna Design, VLSI Design
Mr. Nitin Kumar Assistant Professor(OG), Manager- Media and Public Relations Wireless Communication, Wireless Sensor Network, Adhoc Network
Mr. Arun Kumar Assistant Professor(OG) Antenna Design, Semiconductor devices
Ms. Ghazala Ansari Assistant Professor(OG) VLSI Design, Spintronics
Mr. Abhishek Chauhan Assistant Professor(OG) Electronics and communication
Mr. Manoj Kumar Vishnoi Assistant Professor(OG) Microwave Devices and Circuits
Mr. Amit Assistant Professor(OG) Antenna Design, signal processing
Dr. Rohit Sharma Assistant Professor(OG) RFID Technology, Data Security, Crime detection using social media
Mrs. Nidhi Singh Assistant Professor(OG) Micro strip Patch antenna
Mr. Jay Prakash Verma Assistant Professor(OG) VLSI Design
Ms. Swati Sharma Assistant Professor(OG) Microwave Devices and Circuits using Planar Transmission Lines
Mr. Saptarshi Gupta Assistant Professor(OG) Wireless Communications, Optical Communication, Antenna Design, Queuing theory, Computer networking
Mr. M. Vinoth kumar Assistant Professor(OG) VLSI DEVICES, MOS Sensors design
Mr. Nishant Srivastava Assistant Professor(OG) VLSI

S.G – Selection Grade 

Sr.G – Senior Grade 

O.G – Ordinary Grade